Is it possible to buy Pimax 5K/5K+/Super Prescription Lenses for VR headset?

Is it possible to buy Pimax 5K/5K+/Super Prescription Lenses for VR headset?

If you have weak eyesight and are looking to buy prescription lenses for your VR headset. Here are several key tips to keep in mind when shopping for the best Pimax 5K/5K+/Super Prescription Lenses that will give you a better vision.

Tips for buying Pimax 5K/5K+/Super Prescription Lenses


Look for prescription VR lenses that are lightweight and easy to use, as well as help you avoid the discomfort of glasses in your headset.


Go for lenses that provide seamless visual experience by removing the discomfort.  Also, go with lenses that are equipped with an anti-reflective coating to help minimise glare letting you focus on the breathtaking details of every VR experience.


Prescription lenses that make things appear much sharper and allow you to enjoy gaming more. Look for something that needs to be fitted onto your face to experience virtual reality.

Will I need to see a doctor before buying Pimax 5K/5K+/Super Prescription Lenses?

You will require a new eye exam to obtain a new, valid prescription if you have never worn glasses before or if your current prescription is no longer valid. This will guarantee that all relevant and accurate metrics, such as sphere, cylinder, axis, add, and pupillary distance, are entered into the order page while buying lenses online.

Can I just wear my glasses?

Well, the answer is No, because of two main reasons i.e. discomfort and scratched lenses. There might not be much distance between you and the VR headset's lenses, depending on the headset you're wearing and the shape of your eyes. Frequently, there isn't even enough space to fit a pair of typical eyeglass lenses. Even if there is, any jarring motion (which you should anticipate in any active VR game or gym experience) can lead to the lenses slamming into one another and possibly harming one another.


It is entirely up to you, your eyecare expert, and your budget to decide whether or not these prescription inserts are the best option for your requirements. Although it might seem unnecessary to spend a little extra today on an accessory, doing so could save you hundreds of dollars in future on headset and eyeglass repair costs.


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