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Pimax Crystal Prescription Lenses

Pimax Crystal Prescription Lenses

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  • Custom-made lenses for an individual's unique vision needs
  • Provides a personalized solution for myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia
  • Designed to fit seamlessly into Pimax Crystal headsets
  • Reduces eye strain and provides a comfortable viewing experience.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gary Antel
Great Lenses

Got lenses for the Crystal; they came well-packaged with a screwdriver and 4 long screws. Simply remove the original short screws from the main lenses, fit the prescription lenses on top and fasten both lenses down with the longer screws. That's all you need to do. The image is sharp and clear, and eye tracking works fine with the prescription lenses on. Thanks, VR-Rock!

Robert Sharp
A must have for the Pimax Crystal.

1. Easy to order
2. Easy to install
3. Light weight
The way to go if you have the Pimax Crystal. There is not enough room for framed lenses as is, unless you can figure out how to install a triple thick gasket. I am impressed with the quality and clearness of the lenses. I am quite happy with my purchase, well worth it.

Tony Hill

Best ever..simply amazing

Peter Altman
Professional to the T

Simple, professional and extremely accurate

William Forbes
Clarity, Clarity!!

Great you nailed it!! I can see!!!