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PSVR 2 Prescription Lenses (Tax-Free)

PSVR 2 Prescription Lenses (Tax-Free)

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PSVR2 PRESCRIPTION LENSES are customized lenses for the PSVR2 headset to correct vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism and amblyopia. 

The advantage of VR Rock Magnetic PSVR2 Prescription Lenses desgin:

  • Installation process is quick and simple
  • Magnetic design allows users to switch between prescription and non-prescription lenses easily
  • Provides greater flexibility and convenience for users.

Need help choosing the correct options for your PSVR2 PRESCRIPTION LENSES?

Please click how to order prescription lenses for PSVR2 with helpful images that help you choose the SPH, CYL, AXIS options.

You can also contact customer service in the lower right corner or or email us: for assistance.  

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality prescription lenses for PSVR2 and excellent customer support.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Lauren Anglin
Best OPT

Very effective the way its designed, has an easy on/off design others could utilize the headset as well effortlessly by removing magnetic inserts also made me use headset a lot more often where it didn't seem so cumbersome and scratch free!

mark pillon
just awesome

I really really think this is the way to go with the psvr2 if you have week eye vision. I have simalar lenses with the oculus meta and really like those too, but with oculus meta you have to remove the headset a lot during gameplay and then put my galasses back on quite a bit. That is very annoying. But with psvr2 you don't have to do that. Everythig is controled directly from the headset at all times. Thank you playstation for making gameplay so much simpler. I rate thes lenses 10/10. You won't regret if you purchase these. Enjoy crystal clear gameplay.

Best PSVR2 lenses!!!!

Great lenses. Make PSVR2 cristal clear. PSVR2 is not blurry at all now. Please do yourself a favor and buy them.

andrea malcangi

veloci precisi, molto facili da montare e ottimo prodotto…consigliatissimo a++++++

Makoto Ito

PSVR 2 Prescription Lenses (Tax-Free)