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PSVR 2 Prescription Lenses (Tax-Free)

PSVR 2 Prescription Lenses (Tax-Free)

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  • 100% Compatible With Eye Tracking  

  • Anti-Blue Light will not affect Color of VR Image

  • We can ship to All Countries in The world

  • Shipping Time: Expedited 5-8 days,Standard 10-15 days

  • How to Order Non-Prescription Lenses?

Answer: Please select RIGHT SPH:-0.00 , LEFT SPH: -0.00


5 Coatings of our lens: 

  • Anti-Scratch

  • Anti-Static 

  • Anti-UV 

  • ANTI-Reflection

  • Easy to Clean

Don't know how to choose optometry information?  

Please click here for support:  How to Order

You can chat with us in the lower right corner of the website. We will be happy to answer your questions.

For English: 

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens
PSVR 2 Prescription Lens


Para español:

VR Rock Spanish

Per italiano: 

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens


PSVR 2 Prescription Lens

Pour le français: 

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens

Für Deutsch: 

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens

para portugues:

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens

We will manufacture the lenses according to the prescription information you provided. Shall you have any inquiries on the prescription, please contact your optical practitioner for assistance. It is advised that you conduct an eye check before purchasing our lenses, which provides more accurate data on your eye's prescription.

SPH stands for sphere, which indicates myopia (Nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness). CYL stands for cylinder and AXS stands for Axis. For people with astigmatism, both CYL and AXS data should be provided.

If you previously use reader glasses in VR and they work fine, you can select the SPH with the magnification of your reader glasses. Make sure to select the SPH with plus sign if you wear reader glasses.

The + sign for SPH refers to far-sightedness, while the - sign for SPH refers to short-sightedness. Please make sure to double-check if you have picked the + or – correctly

PSVR 2 Prescription Lens
PSVR 2 Prescription Lens
PSVR 2 Prescription Lens
PSVR 2 Prescription Lens
PSVR 2 Prescription Lenses
PSVR 2 Prescription Lens
PSVR 2 Prescription Lens

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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
Peter Shove
So awesome!

Lenses are amazing on my PSVR2. So much nicer than wearing glasses. My face stays cooler, no worries about scratching my prescription glasses, and they filled my prescription perfectly. Resolution is crisp and clear. Lenses snapped in in seconds, and I was ready to play. Super happy with my purchase. You’ll love them. Thank you!

ALexander guthrie
It's perfect it's not just desirable

I found it suits my eyes perfect and should be used for everyone non ruining lenses like protected from make up stains or smodges from Ur main lens is perfect reliable source don't forget u can clean it for clear vision never scratch


They work!

Alvaro Morales Natera
So good

Very good

Adan Torres Paino
Good quality

The lenses look great on my PSVR2. The build quality is good and they come with magnets to attach the lenses to the holding frame. The lenses are easy to remove for cleaning.

I'm happy with my purchase.

Thanks vr-rock